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One of the stumbling blocks that has emerged on this path to successful blogging is... how do I start?  

The subject of this blog is like a river that has been flowing for decades, meandering through my life. There is so much that God has shown me about this journey with him. But, as the river keeps flowing, how do I capture that which has already passed through and moved on? How do I help others enter into this stream, where I am, take them with me into the future, and also share the incredible insights from the past?

I don't know.

Perhaps. . . all I can do is begin to share new insights as they emerge, or attempt to articulate that which God has already burned into my heart and soul as those memories arise.

Another option is to mine my journals that I have kept since about 1977. . . journals that capture my thoughts "in the moment" and have subsequently been sitting unread.

As the days go by, I will attempt to begin to share about this amazing journey that God invites each of us on with him.  It is a solitary journey, and yet we cannot walk it alone. . . an interesting oxymoron. It is this truth - that we cannot walk this journey alone, without wise counsel and guidance - that keeps me on this blogging path.