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During this year's Lenten season, I began to ponder a truth that has gradually emerged for me, but which I have not heard taught or preached - or, at least I don't remember hearing it.  This truth is quite simple, really, but exceptionally profound: If Jesus was God incarnate (Emmanuel, God with us), as well as human, then it was God himself who was nailed to that cross, who died for our sins.  God not only sent his Son in human form to help us see and know God, and to reconcile us all to himself; Jesus was also God.  Therefore, out of his deep and endless love for each of us, God sent himself, and took sin upon himself to save and  reconcile the world.

I continue to wrestle with this revealed truth. It seems that I am able to grasp the reality that God the Father sent his Son to die for all people, to pay the necessary price for all sin, even though this truth is quite profound. However, to think in terms of God, himself, willingly being nailed to the cross, and taking on all sin unto himself is even more profound.  I don't have words for how deep God is pressing this truth into my heart and spirit.  This truth has sufficiently silenced my words... I am speechless...


The journey toward spiritual maturity encompasses many different topics. Perhaps the most fundamental reality is that this journey is all about knowing experientially God's love for us. Spiritual maturity - demonstrated by our willingness to surrender control of our lives to God, to surrender our plans in exchange for his plans for us - seems to leap forward with each new realization of the truth of God's love. ...continue reading "God’s Love for Us"